What Questions Will the Workers Compensation Nurse Case Manager Ask Your Doctor?

While every  Louisiana Workers Comp, Longshore and Defense Base Act case is different, usually the nurse case manager is getting involved at the request of the workers compensation insurance company to save money on medical treatment or to try to force the injured worker back to work to terminate weekly payments.  Therefore, questions will focus on minimizing treatment either by trying to show the injury/disability is not related to the work accident or the injury does not require additional treatment.  Also, the questions will focus on returning the injured worker back to work ASAP.

The injured worker’s lawyer should be attending these meetings.  Often times the doctor will say one thing and the nurse case manager will write down something else and ask the doctor to agree with the inaccurate thing that was written down by the nurse case manager.

A sample of questions that may be asked include the following:

  1. What is the patient/injured worker’s diagnosis?
  2. What further treatment or diagnostic studies do you recommend?
  3. Has the patient reached permanent and stationary status? If yes, on what date?  If not, when do you anticipate a permanent and stationary status?
  4. Can this patient perform his/her regular work?
  5. If the patient is not capable of performing his/her regular work, is he capable of performing modified work? If yes, sedentary duty? Light duty? Medium duty?  Full-time? Part-time?  Hours/day?
  6. Any other functional/environmental limitations?
  7. Is there an objective basis to provide an impairment rating using the AMA Guides? If so, what percentage?  Body part?  Whole person?
  8. Do you recommend supportive care? If so, what type and how long?
  9. Current medications?
  10. Last appointment date? Next appointment date?
  11. Any referrals? If so, what therapy or specialty?
  12. Additional comments?

The nurse case manager will probably ask the doctor to sign and date what was written down.  Usually the doctor does not read what was written down so the injured worker’s lawyer should read through what was written before the doctor signs the handwritten report.

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