Workers’ Compensation Claim Forms

FORM LWC-WC 1008 PDF - Disputed Claim For Compensation Form is filed with the Louisiana Office of Workers' Compensation district office concerning most disputed issue in a workers compensation claim including weekly or monthly indemnity payments (temporary total disability, supplemental earnings benefits, permanent partial disability and permanent total disability) medical expenses, mileage benefits, vocational rehabilitation benefits, choice of physician, Average Weekly Wage Calculation, underpayment of Indemnity benefits, extent of disability, impairment rating, ability to return to work, functional capacity evaluations etc.

FORM LWC-WC 1007 PDF – The Louisiana workers compensation laws require workers compensation employers to truthfully complete this form for purposes of providing work related accident and injury information to the State of Louisiana Office of Workers Compensation Administration and the employers insurer, many employers do not, often resulting in delayed indemnity and medical payment to the injured worker.

FORM LWC-WC 1006 PDF - In a Louisiana Workers Compensation Act case, these forms are used to force individuals to appear for deposition testimony, trial testimony or to produce documents.

FORM LWC-WC 1011 PDF - This document and support documents like medical reports and employer first report of injury are filed with the Louisiana Office of Workers Compensation Administration to request that the Louisiana Workers Compensation Act Judge approve a lump sum workers comp settlement.

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