Gulf of Mexico Commercial Fishing Deaths 2000–2009

J Lincoln, PhD, D Lucas, MS, Alaska Pacific Regional Office, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health report in a July 16, 2010 report that:

  • Commercial fishing is one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States;
  • Of the 504 U.S. commercial fishing deaths, the majority occurred after a vessel disaster (261 deaths, 52%) or a fall overboard (155 deaths, 31%). By region, 133 (26%) deaths occurred off the coast of Alaska, 124 (25%) in the Northeast, 116 (23%) in the Gulf of Mexico, 83 (16%) off the West Coast, and 41 (8%) in the Mid- and South Atlantic.
  • The fisheries with the highest number of fatalities were Gulf of Mexico shrimp (55), Atlantic scallop (44), and Alaskan salmon (39)

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CDC’s Commercial Fishing Deaths — United States, 2000–2009


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