LAWORKS.NET Will Pay a $300 Per Week Federal Supplement For Those Getting $100 In Unemployement

lost wages assistance program


  • President Trump ordered Governors to work with FEMA to set up a “Lost Wages Assistance Program”
  • $300 weekly federal payments will supplement Louisiana unemployed  who are receiving at least $100 in weekly unemployment;
  • Economists estimate that the federal supplement will last only one to two months before the money allocated runs out.

With Louisiana's Unemployment Rate at 9.7%, Louisiana Unemployed Can Use $400 or $600 Per Week In Federal Assistance.

On Saturday, President Trump ordered Governors to work with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to set up a “Lost Wages Assistance Program” to distribute supplement payments of up to $400 to the 30 million who are unemployed.  The FEMA Disaster Relief Fund would contribute up to $44 Billion.  Louisiana would have been responsible for payment of $100 of the $400 supplemental payment but has been granted an exemption to count amounts already paid in weekly unemployment towards the $100 per week obligation.

Until July 31, 2020, The Cares Act provided a $600 per weekly federal supplement to anyone qualified for $1 dollar of Louisiana Unemployment Benefits or Pandemic Unemployment Benefits.  Louisiana has an unemployment rate of 9.7%.

The $600 payment ended because The US House and Senate could not agree on an extension.   Both believe an extension is necessary.  The Senate wanted a $200 per week supplement and the US House, a $600 a week supplement.  The President split the difference and signed an executive order for a $400 per week payment and required States to pay $100 of the $400 weekly amount.

Louisiana has opted to pay $300 per week supplement to those who receive at least $100 in unemployment benefits.   The US Department of Labor clarified States may count amounts currently paid to unemployment insurance beneficiaries towards the Sate’s $100 per week obligation.

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