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Do you have questions about filing an insurance claim? Tired of dealing with an insurance company claims adjuster? Are you having problems with someone else’s insurance company due to a Baton Rouge truck accidentcar accident or construction accident? Are you faced with a denied insurance claim or a claim that has been underpaid by your own automobile, business interruption, homeowner’s insurer, your employer’s workers compensation insurer or your spouse’s life insurer?

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Our Baton Rouge personal injury lawyer at the Lavis Law Firm – Personal Injury & Accident Attorney provides insurance claims help and we may be able to help you. Attorney Charles Lavis has over 16 years of experience in helping individuals fight insurance companies. We serve Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and the surrounding Louisiana area. The Lavis Law Firm – Personal Injury & Accident Attorney has been helping individuals recover compensation for their losses. In fact, we have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau

Types of Insurance Claims an Insurance Attorney Near You Can Help With

People and businesses can file various insurance claims in Baton Rouge when they experience losses or damages. These claims cover everything from accidents on the road and water to damages from natural disasters and other incidents. Having the right insurance claim can help ease the financial burden on individuals during such challenging times especially when there is a loss of income.

Insurance Lawyer Near Me

Whether it’s dealing with the repercussions of a motor vehicle accident, or recovering from damages due to natural disasters or other incidents, the various insurance claims available are crucial in providing the needed support. As insurance claim attorneys in Baton Rouge, we can help with your insurance claims. Some of the insurance claims you can file include:

  • Car and Truck Accident Insurance Claims: Individuals involved in truck or car accident in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, or surrounding areas can file claims to cover medical expenses, property damage, and other losses, allowing them to recover financially and medically
  • Boating Accident Insurance Claims: Those involved in boat accidents can claim insurance to cover medical bills, property damages, and other related expenses
  • Bad Faith Insurance Claims: Bad faith insurance is claimed when the insurance company doesn’t deal fairly with the policyholder, allowing for recourse in situations of unfair treatment
  • Business Interruption Claims: Essential for businesses unable to operate due to issues like natural disasters, providing financial support during periods of inactivity
  • Disability Insurance Claims: For people who can’t work due to disability, offering financial support when earning capacity is compromised
  • Fire Damage Insurance Claims: Claimed for damages caused by fire, aiding in the recovery and rebuilding process
  • Flood Insurance Claims: Initiated when properties are damaged by floods, providing financial relief for property repairs and replacements
  • Homeowners’ Insurance Claims: For various damages to homes, ensuring homeowners can repair or replace damaged property
  • Hurricane Insurance Property Damage Claims: Claimed when properties are damaged by hurricanes, aiding in recovery and rebuilding efforts
  • Insurance Disputes: Arise when there’s a disagreement with the insurance company about a claim, offering a resolution pathway
  • Life Insurance, Accidental Death, Double Indemnity Insurance Claims: Claimed when someone passes away, especially due to an accident, providing financial support to the beneficiaries
  • Workers’ Compensation Claims: Claimed when workers get hurt at work, covering medical expenses and lost wages

Each of these insurance claims plays a pivotal role in helping the people and businesses of Baton Rouge get back on their feet by providing the financial support needed when facing losses or damages. The right insurance policies are instrumental in ensuring adequate protection and support in times of need.

How are Insurance Claims Calculated In Baton Rouge

Insurance claims are calculated based on a variety of factors, depending on the type of insurance and the nature of the claimed loss or damage. 

Typically, when a claim is made, an insurance adjuster evaluates the extent of the damage or loss and determines the amount of money the insurance company should pay. This involves assessing the value of the damaged property, the cost of repairs or replacement, and any additional costs, such as medical expenses or loss of income, that may be covered under the policy. The policyholder’s coverage limits, deductibles, and any applicable policy exclusions are also taken into account when calculating the claim amount. 

In some cases, such as life insurance or disability insurance, the claim amount may be a predetermined sum specified in the policy. The goal is to help the policyholder financially recover from unexpected events, while also ensuring the claim amount is fair and within the bounds of the insurance policy’s terms.

Insurance Claim Calculations

Why Insurance Claims Are Denied In Baton Rouge

Insurance claims can be denied for several reasons, often related to the policyholder’s adherence to the terms of the policy or the nature of the claim itself. One common reason is the lack of coverage; the policy may not cover the specific type of loss or damage claimed. For instance, a standard homeowners’ policy might not cover flood damage. Another reason could be the late filing of a claim; many policies have strict timelines within which a claim must be filed. Additionally, if the insurance company believes that the policyholder has provided false or incomplete information, either when applying for the policy or when filing the claim, it may deny the claim. 

Misrepresentation or violation of policy terms, such as not paying premiums on time or not adhering to safety regulations, can also lead to denial. Lastly, if the insurance company determines that the damage or loss is less than the deductible, or if the claim is not substantiated with adequate proof, it may also deny the claim.

Low Settlement Offers

Low settlement offers occur when an insurance company proposes to settle an insurance claim for less than what the claimant believes is fair or adequate to cover their loss or damages. This can happen for various reasons, such as discrepancies in the assessment of damages or disputes over policy coverage. 

If a policyholder receives a low settlement offer, it’s important to not hastily accept it. Instead, the policyholder should thoroughly review the offer and understand the reasons behind the low valuation. Gathering additional evidence, such as photographs, repair estimates, and medical bills, can help in disputing the offer. It’s also beneficial to consult with a knowledgeable insurance professional or an attorney specializing in insurance claims to get advice on the fairness of the offer and the best course of action. Negotiating with the insurance company by presenting a counteroffer backed by evidence can often lead to a more favorable settlement. If negotiations fail, pursuing a formal appeal or legal action might be necessary to resolve the dispute.

What To Do If Your Insurance Claim Is Denied

If your insurance claim is denied, it’s essential to act promptly. Begin by carefully reviewing the denial letter to comprehend the reasons provided and gather all pertinent documents like your insurance policy, photographs, and medical records. Scrutinize your policy to confirm your claim should be covered and address any discrepancies or errors in the denial. If needed, contact your insurance company for clarification and consider submitting a well-documented appeal, addressing each denial point with supporting evidence. Seeking advice or representation from insurance claim attorneys near you at the Lavis Law Firm can be crucial in effectively navigating the appeal process. 

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Baton Rouge is the capital of the great state of Louisiana and is located on the east bank of the Mississippi River, north of New Orleans and east of Lafayette, LA. The location for Baton Rouge was chosen because it was the first high-point bluff upriver from New Orleans and the delta of the Mississippi River, protecting the land and buildings from the frequent flooding felt closer to the Gulf of Mexico. Industry and business centers popular in Baton Rouge are medical, research, motion picture, industrial manufacturing, and major petrochemical processing. The Port of Greater Baton Rouge is the 10th largest in the United States in terms of tonnage shipped per year and is located the farthest upstream on the Mississippi River and able to handle large Panamax Ships. Baton Rouge is home to Louisiana State University, as well as Southern University. You will find corporate headquarters here for companies such as Marucci Sports, ExxonMobil, Dow Chemical, and Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, among others.

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