Fatal Crash Involved Stalled Truck

A fatal accident on Interstate 59 in St. Tammany Parrish underscores the dangers of having vehicles stalled on the roadway at night.

November 11, the NOLA Times-Picayune’s Heather Nolan reported that a Mississippi resident driving a Ford F-150 truck died after a collision with a tractor-trailer truck stalled on the right lane of the highway.

According to reports, the larger truck had hit a mattress which had damaged the underside of the truck and left it parked on the roadway. The driver was not in the truck at the time of the accident. reports indicate that the truck’s lighting was compromised.

A New Orleans personal injury attorney, a local police officer or anyone who works with auto accident statistics will understand that these situations are a major part of the risks that drivers and passengers take when they venture out onto local roads. Unsafe driving conditions come in many forms, and while a public community of drivers may be fairly responsive to more obvious threats like inclement weather, some other kinds of scenarios can require a special vigilance and care.

Accident Factors

One of the key items in this particular case is that investigators found no evidence of alcohol use by the driver of the tractor-trailer truck. While many fatal road accidents involve the use of alcohol or controlled substances, or cases of distracted driving, this case seems to be a tragic example of unsafe road conditions contributing to fatalities.

Experts often warn drivers about the risks of stopping suddenly in the roadway. Law enforcement has particular protocols for auto accidents, which involve removing vehicles and placing specific lighting that will allow oncoming vehicles to avoid subsequent collisions. While law enforcement and first responders typically use flares, individual drivers may not carry this kind of equipment. A professional such as a New Orleans personal injury attorney will look at these kinds of details when evaluating a case of accident injury or fatality in order to understand the factors involved in a collision and how they affect legal outcomes.

State officials are asking drivers to use 911 or other emergency numbers to call local agencies when vehicles are not able to be parked off of a highway or road. Using any available lighting will help reduce the risks for other drivers and passengers. Leaving a vehicle in the road without adequate lighting poses a serious and grave danger to others who are traveling in the area.

If you feel you or a loved one has been involved in an auto accident related to unsafe road conditions, talk to a New Orleans personal injury attorney at the law firm of Lavis Law to talk about what kinds of dangers may have contributed to a collision. We help locals in and around New Orleans to secure the compensation that they deserve for themselves and their families when a local disaster is caused by factors beyond their control. Our legal teams do the fact-finding that supports case resolution and helps clients access their rights under the law.

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