LWCC’s List of Handpicked Company Doctors Can Be Found Online

LWCC’s list of handpicked company doctors and other company oriented healthcare providers can be found online at LWCC’s OMNET database. OMNET is LWCC’s occupational medicine network recommended to employers for treatment favorable to the employer and its LWCC insurer’s pocketbooks. LWCC uses OMNET to direct injured employees to company doctors who treat them at overall lower price points. LWCC doesn’t want injured employees to treat with “cost intesive providers”. Cost intesive providers are healthcare providers most likely not found in the OMNET database and who spend more money on the injured worker than OMNET providers.

The company doctors are bound by two conflicting ideals: serving the medical needs of their patients while protecting the company’s bottom line.

Injured employees who are covered by the Louisiana Workers Compensatoin Act have the right to choose one doctor in each specialty. While LWCC may want the injured worker to choose his or her physician from the OMNET company doctor list, the injured worker is not required to pick his or her physician from the OMNET list. Some savvy injured workers search the OMNET database to avoid choosing an OMNET company doctor or provider.

Is your physician found in the OMNET Database of Company Doctors?

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