Louisiana Workers Compensation Laws

Louisiana Workers Compensation Laws are found primarily in two sources, the Louisiana Revised Statutes Chapter 23, Sections 1021 – 1379 and in The Louisiana Administrative Code Title 40: Labor & Employment Part I: Workers’ Compensation Administration

Louisiana Revised Statutes Chapter 23, Sections 1021 – 1379

RS 23:1021 Terms defined
RS 23:1031 Employee’s right of action; joint employers, extent of liability; borrowed employees
RS 23:1031.1 Occupational disease
RS 23:1032 Exclusiveness of rights and remedies; employer’s liability to prosecution under other laws
RS 23:1032.1 Failure of employer to secure payment; penalties
RS 23:1033 Contracts against liability prohibited
RS 23:1034 Public employees; exclusiveness of remedies
RS 23:1034.1 Law enforcement officers; coverage
RS 23:1034.2 Reimbursement schedule
RS 23:1035 Employees covered
RS 23:1035.1 Extraterritorial coverage
RS 23:1035.2 Claims covered by certain federal laws
RS 23:1036 Volunteer firefighters
RS 23:1037 Employees of railroads in interstate or foreign commerce; vessels in interstate or foreign commerce
RS 23:1038 To 1043 repealed by acts 1975, no. 583, 15, eff. sept. 1, 1975
RS 23:1044 Presumption of employee status
RS 23:1045 Persons exempt from coverage
RS 23:1046 Chapter inapplicable to uncompensated officers and uncompensated members of the board of directors of certain nonprofit organizations
RS 23:1047 Real estate salesmen exempt from coverage
RS 23:1048 Landmen exempt from coverage
RS 23:1061 Principal contractors; liability
RS 23:1062 Sub-contractors; liability
RS 23:1063 Suits against principal contractors; subcontractors as co-defendants
RS 23:1081 Defenses
RS 23:1101 Employee and employer suits against third persons; effect on right to compensation
RS 23:1102 Employee or employer suits against third persons causing injury; notice of filing
RS 23:1103 Damages; apportionment of between employer and employee in suits against third persons; compromise of claims; credit
RS 23:1104 Quantification of employer fault
RS 23:1121 Examination of injured employee
RS 23:1122 Employer’s duty to cause examination of employee; rights of employee
RS 23:1123 Disputes as to condition, capacity to work, or current medical treatment of employee; examination under supervision of the director
RS 23:1124 Refusal to submit to examination; effect on right to compensation
RS 23:1124.1 Cumulative medical testimony; medical examination
RS 23:1125 Right of employee to written report of medical examination; penalty for failure to furnish
RS 23:1126 Monitoring procedures of toxic substances in places of employment; access to records; penalties
RS 23:1127 Release of medical records and information
RS 23:1131 Repealed by acts 2004, no. 261, §1, eff. june 15, 2004.
RS 23:1141 Attorney fees; privilege on compensation awards
RS 23:1142 Approval of health care providers; fees
RS 23:1143 Excessive fees or solicitation of employment; penalty; withholding attorney fees; approval by workers’ compensation judge
RS 23:1144 Repealed by acts 2001, no. 1014, 2, eff. june 27, 2001.
RS 23:1161 Insurance policies; application of provisions; approval by insurance commissioner; admitted carriers; exceptions
RS 23:1161.1 Worker’s compensation claims office or licensed claims adjusters; waiver
RS 23:1162 Contents of insurance contract; enforcement by employee; subrogation of insurer
RS 23:1163 Premiums; contribution by employees prohibited; penalty
RS 23:1164 Insolvency of employer; employee’s rights against insurer
RS 23:1165 Additional compensation agreements; insurance
RS 23:1166 Issuance of policies; liability
RS 23:1167 Insolvency of unauthorized ceding insurer; claim against assuming insurer
RS 23:1168 Ways of securing compensation to employees
RS 23:1168.1 Self-insurance
RS 23:1168.3 Grounds for default; forfeiture of security; records of claims
RS 23:1168.4 Duties of the director
RS 23:1168.5 Deposit of monies collected
RS 23:1168.6 Appointment of assistants
RS 23:1168.7 Priority of claims
RS 23:1168.8 Time to file claims
RS 23:1168.9 Proof and allowance of claims
RS 23:1168.10 Appeal of a decision of the director
RS 23:1168.11 Confidentiality of certain proceedings and records; immunity of certain staff
RS 23:1168.12 Cooperation of officers, owners, and employees; civil penalties
RS 23:1169 Failure of employer to secure payment; power of director
RS 23:1170 Penalty for failure to secure workers’ compensation insurance; assessment and collection
RS 23:1171 Civil fine; hearing; appeal
RS 23:1171.1 Discontinuance of business; injunction; procedure
RS 23:1171.2 Default of employer; additional liability
RS 23:1172 Criminal penalties
RS 23:1172.1 Willful misrepresentation by employer; aid or abet; criminal penalties; civil immunity
RS 23:1172.2 Unlawful practices
RS 23:1173 Rules and regulations
RS 23:1174 Certificate of compliance
RS 23:1174.1 Workers’ compensation programs; ability to contract
RS 23:1175 Short title; legislative intent
RS 23:1176 Definitions
RS 23:1177 Collection of information; target list
RS 23:1178 Cost containment meeting; incentive discount
RS 23:1179 Occupational safety and health program; incentive discount
RS 23:1180 Evaluation
RS 23:1181 Insured experience information
RS 23:1182 Repealed by acts 1995, no. 349, 2, eff. june 16, 1995.
RS 23:1191 Definitions
RS 23:1192 Repealed by acts 1995, no. 703, 2, eff. june 21, 1995.
RS 23:1193 Repealed by acts 1995, no. 703, 2, eff. june 21, 1995.
RS 23:1194 Repealed by acts 1995, no. 703, 2, eff. june 21, 1995.
RS 23:1195 Authorization; trade or professional association; initial financial requirements
RS 23:1196 Requirements; excess insurance; administrative and service companies; status; liability; refunds
RS 23:1196.1 Investments
RS 23:1197 Authority of department of insurance
RS 23:1198 Licensing of agents; claims against insurance agents
RS 23:1199 Rates
RS 23:1200 Review of rate determination
RS 23:1200.1 Rules and regulations
RS 23:1200.2 Prohibited activities and sanctions; duties of group self-insurance funds and others; civil immunity; definitions
RS 23:1200.3 Exclusive use of expirations
RS 23:1200.4 Consecutive net losses
RS 23:1200.5 Insolvencies
RS 23:1201 Time and place of payment; failure to pay timely; failure to authorize; penalties and attorney fees
RS 23:1201.1 Repealed by acts 2010, no. 3,
§2, eff. may 11, 2010.
RS 23:1201.2 Repealed by acts 2003, no. 1204, &setc;2.
RS 23:1201.3 Failure to pay compensation; judgment and execution; interest; revocation or suspension of insurer’s license
RS 23:1201.4 Forfeiture of benefits while incarcerated
RS 23:1202 Maximum and minimum amounts payable
RS 23:1203 Duty to furnish medical and vocational rehabilitation expenses; prosthetic devices; other expenses
RS 23:1203.1 Medical treatment schedule
RS 23:1204 Furnishing of medical services or advancing voluntary payments not admission of liability
RS 23:1205 Claim for payments; privilege of employee; non-assignability; exemption from seizure; payment of denied medical expenses
RS 23:1206 Voluntary payments; deductions from benefits
RS 23:1207 Rival claimants; payment; discharge of employer
RS 23:1208 Misrepresentations concerning benefit payments; penalty
RS 23:1208.1 Employer’s inquiry into employee’s previous injury claims; forfeiture of benefits
RS 23:1208.2 Duty to report fraud; immunity from civil liability
RS 23:1209 Prescription; timeliness of filing; dismissal for want of prosecution
RS 23:1210 Burial expenses; duty to furnish
RS 23:1211 Special compensation benefits for injury or death of member of national guard
RS 23:1212 Medical expense offset
RS 23:1221 Temporary total disability; permanent total disability; supplemental earnings benefits; permanent partial disability; schedule of payments
RS 23:1222 Probable duration of disability not basis for award
RS 23:1223 Deductions from benefits
RS 23:1224 Payments not recoverable for first week; exceptions
RS 23:1225 Reductions when other benefits payable
RS 23:1226 Rehabilitation of injured employees
RS 23:1231 Death of employee; payment to dependents; surviving parents
RS 23:1232 Allocation to dependents; schedule of payments
RS 23:1233 Death or marriage of dependent; age limit of minor dependent
RS 23:1234 Minors and mental incompetents; rights and privileges, by whom exercised; prescriptions applicable
RS 23:1235 Payments to minor dependents; how made
RS 23:1236 Payments to employee before death; effect on payments to dependents
RS 23:1251 Persons conclusively presumed dependents
RS 23:1252 Determination of dependency in other cases
RS 23:1253 Membership in family or relationship
RS 23:1254 Dependency at the time of accident and death
RS 23:1255 Widow or widower; living with spouse at time of injury or death
RS 23:1261 Repealed by acts 1991, no. 565, 2.
RS 23:1271 Right of parties to settle or compromise
RS 23:1272 Approval of lump sum or compromise settlements by the workers’ compensation judge
RS 23:1273 Repealed by acts 1988, no. 938, 3, eff. jan. 1, 1990.
RS 23:1274 Lump sum settlements; necessity for approval
RS 23:1291 Creation, powers, and duties of the office of workers’ compensation administration
RS 23:1291.1 Annual reports; assessment; collection
RS 23:1292 Statistical data; required reports; penalties
RS 23:1293 Confidentiality of records; exceptions; penalties for violation
RS 23:1294 Workers’ compensation advisory council
RS 23:1295 Investigations
RS 23:1296 Administrator; powers
RS 23:1297 Subpoenas
RS 23:1301 Notice of injury or accident; reports
RS 23:1302 Employer’s duty to advise employees as to necessity of notice
RS 23:1303 Contents of notice
RS 23:1304 Persons to whom notice given
RS 23:1305 Inaccuracies as to time, nature, place, or cause, of injury; effect of delay or lack of notice
RS 23:1306 Employer reports
RS 23:1307 Information to injured employee
RS 23:1310 Initial filing of claim with office of worker’s compensation administration
RS 23:1310.1 Workers’ compensation judges; creation; tenure; qualification; presiding officer; rules and regulations; hearings; director
RS 23:1310.2 Duties of director
RS 23:1310.3 Initiation of claims; voluntary mediation; procedure
RS 23:1310.4 Place hearings to be held
RS 23:1310.5 Hearing and appellate procedures; reported opinions
RS 23:1310.6 Director; powers and duties
RS 23:1310.7 Orders; subpoenas; judgments; enforcement; contempt
RS 23:1310.8 Jurisdiction continuing; determining as to final settlement
RS 23:1310.9 Costs
RS 23:1310.10 Report to governor, supreme court, and legislature
RS 23:1310.11 Deposit of fees in workers’ compensation administration fund
RS 23:1310.12 Copies of documents and papers; fees; revolving fund
RS 23:1310.13 Expenses of director; penalties imposed by act; payment into special state treasury fund
RS 23:1310.14 Securing information
RS 23:1310.15 Employer’s records and books; subject to inspection; self-incriminating evidence
RS 23:1311 Contents of petition
RS 23:1312 Suits against the state; filing; procedure
RS 23:1313 Repealed by acts 1988, no. 938, 3, eff. jan. 1, 1990.
RS 23:1314 Necessary allegations; dismissal of premature petition
RS 23:1315 Repealed by acts 1988, no. 938, 3, eff. jan. 1, 1990.
RS 23:1316 Answer, failure to file; judgment by default
RS 23:1316.1 Confirmation of judgment by default
RS 23:1317 Hearing on the merits; rules of procedure; effect of judgment; costs; fees of medical witnesses
RS 23:1317.1 Independent medical examinations
RS 23:1318 Director and office employees not subject to subpoena
RS 23:1319 Evidence; depositions in advance of hearing
RS 23:1320 Repealed by acts 1988, no. 938, 3, eff. jan. 1, 1990.
RS 23:1321 Repealed by acts 1988, no. 938, 3, eff. jan. 1, 1990.
RS 23:1331 Repealed by acts 1988, no. 938, 3, eff. jan. 1, 1990.
RS 23:1332 Awards in favor of minors or interdicts; tutor’s bond and report
RS 23:1333 Employer’s insolvency or failure to pay after award; acceleration of payments
RS 23:1351 Repealed by acts 1988, no. 938, 3, eff. jan. 1, 1990.
RS 23:1361 Unlawful discrimination prohibited
RS 23:1371 Purpose and intent
RS 23:1371.1 Definitions
RS 23:1372 Louisiana worker’s compensation second injury board; creation, domicile, membership
RS 23:1373 Meetings; quorum; officers
RS 23:1374 Salary; expenses
RS 23:1375 Personnel
RS 23:1376 Rule making power; reports
RS 23:1377 Workers’ compensation second injury fund
RS 23:1378 Determination of liability of fund
RS 23:1379 Annual report

The Louisiana Administrative Code Title 40: Labor & Employment Part I: Workers’ Compensation Administration

Chapter 7 Rehabilitation Services

Chapter 9 Safety Requirements

Chapter 15 Drug Testing In Job Related Accident Cases

Chapter 19 Fraud

Chapter 27 Utilization Review Procedures
Chapter 55 Hearing Rules

La.R.S. 23 La.R.S. Chapter 23 – Complete

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