What Are 5 Key Exceptions to Louisiana No Pay No Play?

car accident no pay no play Louisiana
Here are some key Louisiana “No Pay, No Play” exceptions.

In Louisiana, there is a “No Pay, No Play” law that limits how much a victim can claim from the other driver’s insurance if they themselves are uninsured at the time of the accident. Here’s an outline of exceptions to the Louisiana No Pay, No Play law:

Driver of the Other Vehicle:

  • Is cited for a violation of R.S. 14:98 (Operating a vehicle while intoxicated) as a result of the accident and is subsequently convicted of or pleads nolo contendere to such offense.
  • Intentionally causes the car accident.
  • Flees from the scene of the accident.
  • At the time of the accident, is in furtherance of the commission of a felony offense under the law.
  • The limitation of recovery do not apply if at the time of the accident, the other vehicle is not being operated and the vehicle is not in violation of the provisions of Chapter 1 of this Title.

Other Possible Exceptions Include:

  • The law does not apply to a passenger in an uninsured car, if the passenger had no ownership interest in the car.
  • The law does not apply to drivers involved in crashes who are from another state that does not require the same levels of coverage as Louisiana.
  • The law does not apply to legally parked cars.

§866.  Compulsory motor vehicle liability security; failure to comply; limitation of damages

(a)  The recovery for injury or damages that are otherwise prohibited under this Section.

(b)  The defeat of any affirmative defense otherwise allowed under this Section.