Experienced New Orleans Uber Car Accident Lawyer Near You

Uber and other ride-sharing programs have really improved the way that people are able to get around New Orleans and other places throughout Louisiana and the world. Although Uber drivers are expected to provide a safe mode of transportation for their occupants, car accidents can still happen. In these situations, it is critical to understand the complex issues involving liability. While rideshare companies like Uber are sometimes prepared to resolve the issue, this is not always true. Hiring an experienced New Orleans personal injury lawyer when you have been involved in an Uber accident like those at Lavis Law Firm can help make sure you receive the compensation you need.  New Orleans Uber Accident Lawyer

New Orleans Uber, Lyft, and Rideshare Car Accidents

Considering how much they have simplified the transportation process, it should come as no surprise that Lyft and Uber are becoming increasingly popular. A large number of New Orleans residents and tourists have grown to depend on rideshare programs such as these to perform daily tasks, travel to the Louie Armstrong International Airport (“MSY”), Jazz Fest, Mardi Gras or to enjoy a night out in The French Quarter.  Rideshare may even serve as a replacement for owning a vehicle. Rideshare drivers, however, still get into motor vehicle accidents. In these situations, it is critical to understand the complex issues involving liability. While rideshare companies are sometimes prepared to resolve the issue, this is not always true.

What To Do When You Have Been Involved In An Uber Accident

Whether you are the passenger of the vehicle, the driver of another vehicle, a bicyclist, or a pedestrian you may have the right to a personal injury claim if you have been involved in an accident with an Uber driver. The first thing to do when an accident happens is to seek medical attention if necessary and to contact the authorities so that they can fill out a comprehensive police report. This will be helpful to you down the road should you want to pursue a personal injury claim. After the accident, it is best to reach out to a New Orleans personal injury attorney to discuss your next steps for filing a claim. Because there are different types of insurance involved, having someone with experience on your side is recommended to help you get the best outcome.

Who Has a Rideshare Accident Case?

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There are a number of people who might be able to initiate a claims for injuries and property damage, including drivers of rideshare vehiclest, any passengers involved in a rideshare accident, bicyclists or pedestrians who have been hit by a rideshare vehicle, and other drivers who were harmed in an accident where the opposing party was operating a rideshare vehicle. While there are a number of elements that will influence how much compensation you will be able to receive, one of the most substantial issues involves the status the driver was “in” at the time the accident occurred. Some of the types of driver statuses include having the rideshare app open and activated at the time of crash (i.e. being in “driver mode”), being en route to pick up a rideshare passenger at the time of crash, or being en route with a passenger already within the vehicle.

Types of Uber Accidents

The next step when dealing with an accident with an Uber driver is to determine who is at fault. This can be a tricky thing to do depending on the circumstances of the accident, as there are more types of accidents involving Uber drivers than simply a car hitting another car. An Uber driver can also be liable for hitting a pedestrian, a passenger sustaining an injury while in their vehicle, or a passenger is injured while entering or exiting their vehicle.  Uber drivers are required to ha