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Alexandria Office of Workers Compensation

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Louisiana Workers Compensation State Office and Louisiana Workers Compensation Court serving the following Parishes: Avoyelles, Grant, Natchitoches, Rapides, Vernon, Winn and Sabine

The city of Alexandria is located in Rapides Parish, in the central area of Louisiana. In many ways, this urban settlement acts as a crossroads for the state. Since its formation, Alexandria has been a valuable hub of trade in Louisiana, overseeing both the transportation of goods and the manufacturing of commodities that bolster the state’s economy.

Just as many cities and towns in the state benefit from the proximity of the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico, Alexandria was founded on the banks of the Red River, and has flourished as a result of this waterway. While the Red River’s importance has since been eclipsed by the Mississippi, it did allow Alexandria’s earlier inhabitants to prosper financially, and create the framework for industrial success in the region.

Manufacturing is one of the most significant pillars of Alexandria’s economy. The types of goods manufactured have varied since the city’s inception, but the current forerunners are generic metals, industrial machines, and other mechanical equipment (notably, the Alexandria-based company UTLX produces railroad cars and other products). Agriculture also has a significant economic presence in the city’s economy; the metro area and outlying expanses are home to farms that cultivate a number of cash crops, including sugar and cotton.

At present, the most visible industries in Alexandria are rooted in the booming hospital/medical field, and education. Rapides Regional Medical center is based in the city; this hospital, in addition to several others, provides the majority of non-manufacturing, non-industrial employment positions for the city’s inhabitants. Similarly, the presence of Louisiana State University-Alexandria (which recently began offering baccalaureate degrees) not only allows residents to acquire higher degrees and vary their career options, but offers an increasing number of jobs as the campus continues to grow.

Clearly, Alexandria has benefited from industrial diversity; the city is not solely dependent upon the success of its manufacturing sector, but also relies on the more specialized medical and education fields. Alexandria is rife with career opportunities for its residents, who continue to make immense contributions to Louisiana’s economy.

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