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School Shooting Threat in Baton Rouge

A recent shooting threat at a Baton Rouge school worried law enforcement officials enough to result in the arrest of two students.

An April 17 report from WAFB cites an incident at Westdale Middle School in the East Baton Rouge parish. The local sheriff’s office got notified about Instagram posts that hinted at a possible violent situation at the school. That sparked an investigation that eventually yielded the two juvenile suspects.

A 14-year-old and a 15-year-old student were both detained for questioning. According to the report, one claimed that references to a school shooting were simply ‘a joke.’

Public Response

The documented response of school officials shows how seriously administrators take threats of school violence. Many districts have collaborative programs in place to prevent school violence and to limit casualties if a violent incident occurs. Threats are generally taken very seriously, and students are encouraged to report any suspicious behaviors to adults. In a climate where Americans are furiously debating questions of relative security and freedom, with gun rights often getting central billing, administrators and public planners have to contend with an atmosphere in which easy access to firepower makes every kind of public scenario riskier. Public administrators understand that violence takes many forms, and proactive planners take initiative to anticipate where security systems or protocols are weakest, and where to fix them.

In many ways, safety management by school officials is similar to other kinds of safety management that other public departments and local businesses need to do. Local Louisiana personal injury lawyer teams understand that public safety doesn’t ‘just happen,’ but that it is something that’s cultivated by specific policies and practices, and that a range of professionals work hard on to protect everyone, every day.

When tragedy strikes, a Louisiana personal injury lawyer will look closely at the context of an accident, at what public precautions have been put in place. These professionals do this in the interests of their clients, to get fair results for those who have been harmed in situations beyond their control. Professional personal injury attorneys are responsible to do the research and fact finding to consider whether negligence of any kind contributed to an injury. This supports the award of a settlement to the injury victim, to pay for costs of care, missed wages and more.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Louisiana

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