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Bossier City is located in the northwestern region of Louisiana, in the parish of the same name. While it boasts a population of just over fifty-six thousand people, it has been a major industrial player in the region and the state throughout the twentieth century, and its economic significance has recently strengthened.

In the late nineteenth century, Bossier City inhabitants laid the groundwork for their town’s future economic success. Railroad construction in the area proliferated in the 1880s, and Bossier City benefited from not only intrastate railroad traffic, but also national commerce. Just two decades later, in the early 1900s, oil and petroleum products were discovered in the general region of the town, which simultaneously provided Bossier City with great wealth in natural resources and opened up new avenues of industry for laborers in the area.

This fortunate combination of railroad accessibility and an abundance of petroleum helped Bossier City to flourish in the 20th century; it grew from a small village of several hundred to the city we see today. Factories began to spring up as capital flowed into the region, including cotton processing and plastics manufacturing plants. The general economic stability in the area has attracted outside investments, including international investments (which are largely tied to the oil industry.) With the exception of a large fire in the 1920s, Bossier City has not been subject to any crippling disasters. Its inland geographical position spared it from the ravages of Hurricane Katrina, which dealt a substantial blow to the economies and industries throughout much of the southern part of Louisiana.

Rather than suffering in recent years, Bossier City has, in fact, experienced great financial success with the excavation of the Haynesville Shale rock formation in 2008. This rock formation, which spreads across much of the reason, is a huge source of natural gas. Much has been made of the surprising number of individuals who become millionaires as a result of the Haynesville Shale discovery, seemingly overnight. Looking beyond that sensationalist aspect of the story, it is clear that the presence of this natural resource could ensure the presence of a reliable, influential industry in the Bossier City area for many years and, consequently, ensure that the workforce in the area will continue to profit from employment opportunities and the influx of capital into the region.

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