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For over 24 years, Lavis Law Firm – Personal Injury & Accident Attorney has been helping the injured workers in Sulphur, Louisiana overcome obstacles relating to work injuries. Whether you assemble or secure pipes, tubes, fittings, or related equipment, according to specifications, by welding, brazing, cementing, soldering, or threading joints at a shipyard or work aboard a boat or inland, Lavis Law Firm – Personal Injury & Accident Attorney has the experience to assist with your work injury, medical expenses and wage loss.

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    • “What I love about him is his Honesty and Integrity and how professional he handles his business”.
    • “Mr. Lavis handles my worker’s compensation case and is easy to contact when I need him. Very professional and always doing his best for me. I would highly recommend Mr. Lavis if you are in need of a great professional attorney”.
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What types of cases do we take?

Our law firm focuses primarily on job injury law, including:
      • Longshore & Harbor Workers Compensation administered through the United States Department of Labor including Medical Care, Disability Compensation, Temporary Partial And Non-Scheduled Permanent Partial Disability and Death Benefits.
      • Jones Act where an employer will be found negligent for violating its general duty to provide a reasonably safe place to work and reasonably safe tools and equipment. Further, Maintenance & Cure is owed. Maintenance is reasonable expenses for room and board while ashore, until the seaman is fit for duty or until the maximum benefit of medical treatment is reached. Cure is the reasonable medical expenses incurred by the seaman for treatment until the seaman is fit for duty or until maximum cure is reached.
      • Louisiana Workers Compensation is administered through the Louisiana Department of Labor, Office of Workers Compensation. The system provides for wage loss benefits and medical expenses and other benefits.

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      Sulphur, Louisiana

      Sulphur, Louisiana, is located in the southwestern region of the state, in Calcasieu Parish. As a small city that is frequently overshadowed by neighboring Lake Charles, Sulphur has exhibited steady economic growth since it became a village in 1914. True to its name, the city’s industrial backbone is rooted in the sulfur industry.

      Although it is now largely defunct, in the early 1900s the sulfur industry boomed in the area, due to both the discovery of large quantities of the mineral in the region, and new innovations by local inhabitants as means of extracting the raw material. By the mid 1920s, sulfur was no longer mined in the area, which had turned its focus to oil and the petrochemical industry in general. The early mining of this mineral, however, laid the economic foundation for the city of Sulphur that allowed it to succeed in later years. Railroad traffic was encouraged as a means of transporting the sulfur to other markets; similarly, waterways were constructed to provide further ease of export. These transportation systems became entrenched in Sulphur, and when the city turned its sights to other means of capital, the presence of such a reliable infrastructure helped to ease the economic transition.

      Oil, as with many other areas of Louisiana, is the most significant industry in Sulphur. This is largely due to the proximity of large refineries, including the Citgo Refinery. Refineries, and other aspects of the petroleum industry, provide a majority of the employment opportunities to Sulphur residents. Apart from oil, Sulphur’s economic focus is largely on the growth of small businesses, and the attraction of outside capital through the tourism industry. Sulphur’s industrial dependence, however, is decidedly tied to the business of oil and chemical refineries.

      If you have any questions about your Sulphur, Louisiana legal matter, please give Lavis Law Firm – Personal Injury & Accident Attorney a call at toll free 1-866-558-9151 or submit your inquiry online. We help people recover money from corporations, insurance companies and governments by overcoming problems, hassles and delays.

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