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In 2018, there were 157 car accident related injuries and 546 property damage only auto accidents in Mandeville, LA. While Mandeville may have a low crime rate compared to other larger Louisiana cities it is connected to by I-12 and the Causeway Bridge, car accidents and work related injuries are unavoidable. Mandeville is located in St. Tammany Parish. St. Tammany Parish accounts for about 10% of all Louisiana Workers Compensation Disputed Claims Filed with the Louisiana Department of Labor according to the most recent office of Workers Compensation Administration Annual Report

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  • Car Accidents: We love helping with hit and run accidents and Total Loss property damage and diminished value claims. In 2018 Louisiana had 17,799 Property Damage Only Hit and Run Crashes, 4,148 involving injuries and 48 with fatalities. If you need a car accident lawyer in Mandeville, LA, our law firm can help. We understand the legal issues involved in car accidents, and we have the experience and skill needed to advocate for your interests. Contact our Mandeville, LA lawyer today.
  • Insurance Claims: House Fire, Hurricane Claim or Life Insurance Claim?Insurance may have denied your claim for an arbitrary reason, or by way of misinterpretation or misrepresentation of policy language. Request a copy of your insurance policy and call our Mandeville, LA insurance lawyer for help. Lavis Law Firm – Personal Injury & Accident Attorney has handled hundreds of homeowner’s claims and many life insurance and flood insurance claims.
  • Workers Compensation: Were you injured on the job on land, offshore or as a military contractor overseas? The type of workers comp benefits you receive depends on both the location of your injury and the type of work that you do. All workers compensation systems provide for some type of wage loss benefit, medical expense, mileage reimbursement and death benefits. Some are based on fault and other are not. Some provide money for pain and suffering and others do not. Our Mandeville, LA workers compensation lawyer is familiar with the nuances of work injury claims.
  • Personal Injuries: Charles Lavis became a personal injury attorney in 1995 because he likes to help people like you.  If you were hurt on the job, involved in an auto accidentboating accidentconstruction accident, or otherwise suffered a loss because of a defective product, shoddy repair job or because you slipped and fell on a wet floor or tripped and fell on pavement in a parking lot, it might be time to look for a personal injury attorney in Kenner, LA.

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Mandeville, Louisiana

The city of Mandeville, Louisiana is located on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain, directly across from New Orleans, in St. Tammany Parish. Since its inception, Mandeville has been a retreat for New Orleanians seeking an escape from the urban environment. Unlike many other settlements throughout the state, Mandeville has not had to rely as much upon the oil industry, manufacturing, or the presence of natural resources. As a part of New Orleans’ greater metropolitan area, it is largely reliant upon commuters who work in New Orleans itself, but at the end of the day return home to Mandeville.

In its early years, Mandeville was more of a destination for weekend entertainment than a location for permanent settlement. Tourists would arrive from New Orleans and spend money in music halls, restaurants and various other local industries that profited from the larger city’s proximity. The population of Mandeville increased nominally throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries; however, it did not begin to expand in earnest until the 1950s and 1960s, when the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway was constructed. This bridge, considered the world’s longest bridge that spans across water, allowed people to move with incredible ease between New Orleans and the north shore region. Rather than relying on the ferry, New Orleanians found that they could simply drive across the lake at their leisure, with a far quicker commute.

As such, the commute between New Orleans and Mandeville has become one of the most significant pillars of the Mandeville economy. Although there are a number of industries, largely in the construction field and information technologies, many of the local residents continue to drive across the Causeway to their jobs in New Orleans. This has spurred on an effect that is frequently seen in suburban areas across the United States; service, hospitality, real estate and retail industries in the area have boomed. Mandeville’s economy is based largely on the capital brought in by commuters, but this capital has, in turn, created numerous jobs for local residents.

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