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Metairie, Louisiana

Located adjacent to the city of New Orleans, Metairie is a Census Designated Place (CDP) that is one of the major financial hubs of Jefferson Parish in southeastern Louisiana. Although it is often overshadowed by New Orleans, and frequently portrayed as a primarily residential suburb in relation to the neighboring city, Metairie is an important locale in its own right.

Metairie was founded by French colonists in the early 18th century, on the banks of the Mississippi River. Similar to New Orleans and other settlements on the banks of this waterway, the area’s economic roots are in river transportation. Metairie has continued to benefit from the Mississippi’s presence, and continued to flourish as a settlement largely due to its proximity to the large Port of New Orleans.

Even though Metairie is not technically a city (and has no specific local governing body or mayor), it is massive in both geographic size and population, with over 160,000 residents. This number has fluctuated slightly in recent years, mainly due to the impact of Hurricane Katrina on both residents and industries in the area. Much of Metairie was affected by natural disaster, and there was significant flooding throughout the CDP. Regardless, there has been a steady influx of new Metairie inhabitants, especially from New Orleans. The infrastructure of Metairie has dealt well with the expanding population, and industries have diversified in recent years to accommodate a growing workforce.

As with the rest of the metropolitan area, Metarie’s current economy is inextricably tied to the professional sector, with health care and educational services as the forerunners in this category. White collar industries alone do not hold up Metairie’s economy, however; hospitality and retail are also pillars of the Metairie economy, and perhaps the most visible illustration of the CDP’s economic success in recent years. Construction and manufacturing are two other major employers that bolster the Metairie economy.

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