Monroe, Louisiana

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Monroe is located in northwestern Louisiana’s Ouachita Parish. As one of the largest cities in the state, its early progress was hindered by its geography and a lack of natural transportation routes, such as major ports. In the twentieth century, however, it has developed into an invaluable urban center in one of Louisiana’s less populous regions. What it lacks in rivers, Monroe has made up for with an extensive highway system, railroads, and a municipal airport, all of which have made the city into a hub of trade.

One element of Monroe’s economy that sets it apart from other cities in the state is its non-reliance on the oil and petroleum industry. Because the city does not enjoy proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and other natural oil reserves, Monroe’s development was not tied to the boom and bust cycles of the oil industry. Rather, the city is supported by a relatively diverse selection of industries that continue to be profitable.

In terms of labor-based industry, construction is one of the most important sectors in the Monroe economy, and is the largest employer of males in the metropolitan area. Construction’s popularity is tied to Monroe’s steadily increasing population, spurred on in part by an influx of displaced Hurricane Katrina victims. Manufacturing plants also contribute a number of blue collar jobs to the region.

Aside from industries that are traditionally more “labor-intensive,” the most visible pillars of Monroe’s economy are the education, healthcare and retail industries. The University of Louisiana at Monroe not only provides post-secondary educations for students in the area, but employs a major portion of the city’s workforce (as does the public school system in Ouachita Parish). Similarly, the presence of several hospitals and medical centers has stimulated growth for the region’s healthcare industry. The retail and hospitality industries are less celebrated as strongholds of Monroe’s economy; regardless, they supply a large number of jobs for Monroe residents. Wal-Mart, for instance, is one of the city’s top businesses, in terms of number of employees. Clearly, Monroe has not suffered from a lack of economic options, despite geographical disadvantages, and the absence of oil-industry capital. Its industries are diverse enough to adequately sustain both the economy and the workforce of the metropolitan area.

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