Covington, Louisiana

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Covington, Louisiana is a relatively affluent city in St. Tammany Parish. It is situated next to the city of Mandeville, on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain. With the presence of New Orleans to the south, and the existence of the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, Covington has flourished as a commuter city. Whereas many communities in Louisiana have experienced both an economic and population decline in recent decades, Covington continues to grow in both prosperity and size.
In the 19th century, European settlers began their influx into the area that would become Covington. Throughout the century, the region expanded at a modest rate, aided at first by the railroad, and later by the construction of various highways. It was not until the construction of the Causeway Bridge, however, that Covington began to realize its full potential. Since the late 1960s, the city has become an ideal place for former New Orleans residents to relocate to. Many advantages in the area, including an excellent public school system and low crime rate, have served to draw people away from New Orleans and across Lake Pontchartrain.
With the reality of a steadily increasing population, a number of Covington’s local industries have reaped the benefits. The food and hospitality industries, in particular, have enjoyed the growing presence of capital in the area. Despite the fact that many individuals who live in Covington are actually employed in New Orleans, they continue to purchase property, spend money on goods and services, and pay taxes on the north shore. As such, restaurants and retail centers have sprung up in record numbers. This expansion was aided in part by the devastating effects on Hurricane Katrina on the south shore; for many New Orleans residents whose homes were destroyed, the natural disaster was a catalyst for their relocation to Covington, Mandeville, and other communities in St. Tammany Parish. Covington continues to grow, both in terms of its population and its economy, largely by virtue of its proximity to New Orleans and its industrial focus on the service and information industries. If you have any questions about your Covington, Louisiana legal matter, please give Lavis Law Firm – Personal Injury & Accident Attorney a call at toll free 1-866-558-9151 or submit your inquiry online. We help people recover money from corporations, insurance companies and governments by overcoming problems, hassles and delays.

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