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New Year Newsletter New Year Newsletter

In This Issue:
• Happy New Year from Lavis Law Firm – Personal Injury & Accident Attorney!
• Food Insurance Rates May See Sharp Increase
• Reminder – Apply for Home Insurance Rebates
• Preventing Scams and Bank Fraud Against Seniors
• Filling a Complaint With The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Courtesy Newsletter Courtesy Newsletter

In This Issue:
• Effective Doctor-Patient Communications: Patient Empowerment
• BP Oil Spill Continues to Harm Gulf-Coast Creatures
• Proposed Federal Employee Minimum Wage Increase
• New Orleans Victims May Have Been Involved in Vicious Nationwide Game of “Knockout”
• Hold the Phone: How One-Ring Phone Scams Target Their Victims

March 2012 Newsletter March 2012 Newsletter

In This Issue:
• New Databases Streamline Access to Prescription and Medical Device Information
• Vacation Planning? 5 Websites to Help
• New Type of Credit Score May Complicate Loan Approval
• 7 Tips for Savvy Landlords
• Proposed Bill Cracks Down on Offshore Tax Evaders
• Not So Private Profiles – Facebook and Job Interviews
• 11 New Traffic Cameras Installed in NOLA

February 2012 Newsletter February 2012 Newsletter

In This Issue:
• Daylight Savings Time Linked to Workplace Injuries
• DHHS Web Tool Helps Americans Find Health Insurance
• Report: Louisiana Infrastructure in Need of Improvement
• Tax Time Stress? Take Advantage of the Earned Income Tax Credit
• Consumer Tips Fresh, Frozen, or Canned Vegetables?
• Work Injury? Beware of Online Stalking!

January 2012 Newsletter January 2012 Newsletter

In This Issue:
• Louisiana Auto Accident Presumptions of Fault
• Workplace Technologies Important to Young Workers
• New Legislation Means Forgiveness for Certain FEMA Debts
• Need a Safer Car? Take Your Pick in 2012
• Some 2012 IIHS Top Safety Pick Winners
• 10 Tips to Avoid Winter Fires

December 2011 Newsletter December 2011 Newsletter

In This Issue:
• Debt Collection 101
• 12 Holiday Budget Tips
• Feinberg Vows to “Be More Responsive to Shrimpers”
• Website Can Help Shoppers Score Deals on Electronics

November 2011 Newsletter November 2011 Newsletter

In This Issue:
• Smart Con$umer: Banks Back Off Monthly Debit Card Fees
• How to Switch Banks in 6 Easy Steps
• RESTORE Act Moves to Senate
• Don’t Blame Your Dishwasher – New Phosphate Bans May Be to Blame for Dirty Dishes
• Dispersant Debate Continues

September 2011 Newsletter September 2011 Newsletter

In This Issue:
• Dealing With Your Auto Insurer About Property Damage After an Accident
• What Every Motorist Should Know About Sobriety Checkpoints
• Hotel Cleaners at High Risk for Work-Injury
• New DHH Website to Empower LA Consumers & Fight Food-borne Illness

July 2011 Newsletter July 2011 Newsletter

In This Issue:
• Helpful Information for Louisiana Citizens
• Important Deadlines for Homeowners Using ICC Funds to Complete Hurricane Rebuilding Projects
• What ISO Claim Search Knows About You
• Long-Term Disability 101
• Louisiana Shrimpers Want BP to Pay for Industry Losses

Spring/Summer 2011 Newsletter Spring/Summer 2011 Newsletter

In This Issue:
• Yet Another Active Hurricane Season is on the Horizon
• BP Oil Spill Claims Update
• Louisiana Legislature Passes New Smoke Detector Law That Could Save Lives
• Surveillance of Injured Workers & Accident Victims
• General Consumer Tips that Could Help You Save Time and Money

Fall/Winter 2010 Newsletter Fall/Winter 2010 Newsletter

In This Issue:
• What to do if BP Denies Your Economic Loss, Wage Loss or Property Damage Claim
• “Rip Out Problem Chinese Drywall”-Federal Agencies Recommendation to Chinese Drywall Victims
• NOAA Still Expects Active Atlantic Hurricane Season
• Injured U.S. Civilian Contractors in War Zones Struggle to Receive Benefits under Outdated Defense Base Act
• Oil Spill and You- Protecting Your Health

Spring/Summer 2010 Newsletter Spring/Summer 2010 Newsletter

In This Issue:
• Louisiana policyholders get money back now; LA Citizens special assessment is expected for the next 15 years
• Instances where Louisiana injured workers may be able to recover money for pain and suffering, lost wages, and similar damages upon proving fault
• Medical ID Theft
• Roof-crush vehicle accidents
• Credit reports and auto insurance
• Sexual harassment at work…still illegal

Fall/Winter 2009 Newsletter Fall/Winter 2009 Newsletter

In This Issue:
• Top Ten Worst U.S. Insurers
• Secret Court Agreements
• How Injuries Can Affect Us Deeply
• Recalled Product Round-Up
•Toxic Injury Q & A
• Long-Term-Care Insurance Cancellations

Spring/Summer 2009 Newsletter Spring/Summer 2009 Newsletter

In This Issue:
• It may not be too late to file your Hurricane Katrina lawsuit
• Chinese Drywall
• Big-Box Store Accidents
• Nursing Home Violations
• Workplace Injuries
• Recreational Boating Accidents

Special Edition Newsletter Special Edition Newsletter

In This Issue:
• Auto Insurance – Why You May Not Be Adequately Covered
• Do You Have Enough Auto Insurance?
• Shopping For Auto Insurance
• Auto Insurer Tactics
• Special Considerations – Rental Car Liability Insurance
• Accident Cases

Fall/Winter 2008 Newsletter Fall/Winter 2008 Newsletter

In This Issue:
• Highway Medians And Driver Safety
• Txt Msgng & Drvng Dangr
• Courts And Courting
• Auto Airbag Fraud
• Consumer Protection – New Car Purchases
• For Your Safety – Recalled Product Roundup

Spring/Summer 2008 Newsletter Spring/Summer 2008 Newsletter

In This Issue:
• Asthma and Xolair®
• Auto Accident Investigation
• For Your Safety – Recalled Product Roundup
• Child Day Care
• Auto Seatback Failure Injuries
• Assisted-living Residences

Fall 2007 Newsletter Fall 2007 Newsletter

In This Issue:
• Mandatory Arbitration – Marine Reservist Loses Rights
• False Arrest
• For Your Safety – Recalled Product Roundup
• Wrongful Death
• Hospital Medication Errors
• Auto Lemon Laws

Winter 2006 - 2007 Newsletter Winter 2006 – 2007 Newsletter

In This Issue:
• Hiring A Contractor – Checlclist For Consumers
• Hurricane Katrina Homeowners – It’s Not Too Late
• Trial Lawyers
• Vehicle Rollover Accidents
• For Your Safety – Recalled Product Roundup
• Nursing Homes and Accident Prevention

Fall 2006 Newsletter Fall 2006 Newsletter

In This Issue:
• Homeowner’s Insurance Deadlines
• Premise Liabliity
• Medicare Claim Hearings
• Auto Accidents – what is proper “proper lockout?”
• Consumer credit-card disputes
• Testmonials

Spring 2006 Newsletter Spring 2006 Newsletter

In This Issue:
• Hurricane insurance claims
• I’ve Never Filed A Personal Iniury Lawsuit
• Patients’ Rights In Hospitals
• Auto Accidents And Iniuries
• Police Response Time
• Asbestos – Protect Your Family At Home

Summer 2005 Newsletter Summer 2005 Newsletter

In This Issue:
• Physician Apologies
• Tire Safety
• What’s Wrong With “Tort Reform”?
• For Your Safety – Recalled Product Roundup
• Car Power-Window Safety
• Preventable Medical Errors

Spring 2005 Newsletter Spring 2005 Newsletter

In This Issue:
• Auto Accidents
• Punitive Damages
• Jury Waivers – Beware Giving Up Your Rights
• Motorcycle Safety
• Asbestos Update
• Burn Safety On The Job

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