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Reveillon: A Beloved Tradition of the French Quarter

We New Orleanians share our fair share of traditions. One Holiday tradition that has become popular (again) in NoLa is Reveillon. As usual, we’ve been wondering where it started. What is Reveillon? Reveillon originally began as a family tradition. Today, it is a festive experience in which families enjoy a smorgasbord of delicious food and spirits.

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Where to Enjoy Holiday Lights in New Orleans

New Orleans knows just how exciting this time of year can be, and one of the best ways to enjoy the holidays is by getting out in the experience! One way to do that is by going to see holiday lighting displays. It’s festive, beautiful, and a great way for the family to get together

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$500 Christmas Toy Giveaway

This month, we’re giving away a $500 gift certificate to a Toy Store in Metairie. The contest ends on December 10! As always, there’s no risk: We won’t share your information, advertise at you, or otherwise stalk you. We just appreciate you, and we’d like to help. The rules of the drawing are linked on

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hurricane ida warning sign

Navigating the Disaster Assistance Process

Make sure you know how to get the help you need! Navigating the Disaster Assistance Process(US Small Businesses Association) Obviously people can suffer after a disaster like Ida. Too often, people don’t get the help they need because they just don’t know how to find it or take advantage of it. This is often just

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What is Day of the Dead?

Is Day of the Dead Just a Latin Halloween? (No!) If you’ve raised an eyebrow at your local grocery store sprouting a Christmas aisle before Halloween, you’re in good company. In our world, the commercial and the sacred do often collide. We’ve come to accept it. But the commercial doesn’t always hurt. Take Día de

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Chance To Win Dapper Auto Salon Auto Detail!

This month’s giveaway is for a gift certificate to Dapper Auto Salon. A salon for a car? You bet. Read their reviews, and you’ll understand! Enter the drawing for a $250 gift card to Dapper Auto Salon here. There’s no risk: We won’t share your information, advertise at you, or otherwise stalk you. We just appreciate you.

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Father’s day

In the US, dads sometimes get a bad rap. In sitcoms and movies (and a certain Harry Chapin song), they’re often portrayed as caricatures of manhood that are too absent, too tough, too soft, or just incompetent. Those portrayals don’t match everybody’s experience of course, and we should celebrate fatherhood done well. It’s a big

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“Makin’ Groceries” Giveaway

This month’s giveaway is a $250 gift card to Rouses Markets. Whether you want to purchase boiled crawfish or something else, we invite you to participate.  We don’t share your information or otherwise stalk you.  Enter your first name & email address for a chance to win this prize. No purchase necessary.  If you want to

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Events This Memorial Day Weekend

New Orleans Area Memorial Day Weekend Events Memorial Day has long been a combined Salute to our veterans and a marker to the opening of summer. Hopefully the three (for some of us four!) day weekend is both a time of appreciation and one of relaxation for you.Here are a few things going on in

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2022 Cinco de Mayo Events in New Orleans and Baton Rouge

The “Fifth of May”, more commonly known as “Cinco de Mayo” in Spanish, is celebrated each year as the day when Mexico celebrated a triumphant victory over the French forces in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. It is often mistaken as Mexico’s Independence Day, which actually Local Cinco de Mayo Celebrations May 5th is

Duty of Louisiana Workers Compensation Corporation To Defend

A recent dispute between a law firm and its workers’ compensation carrier, the Louisiana Supreme court addressed both the jurisdiction of the OWC under La. R.S. 23:1310.3(F), and the obligations to defend in Cox, Cox, Filo, Camel & Wilson, LLC V. Louisiana Workers’ Comp. Corp., 2021-00566 (La. 3/25/22).  There, a law firm’s employee pursued a

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