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LaPlace, Louisiana

LaPlace, Louisiana is classified as a “Census-Designated Place” (also known as a CDP) in the southeastern part of the state, in St. John the Baptist Parish. A settlement with a rich history dating back to the 18th century, LaPlace continues to be a significant economic area in the region.

The landmark that is perhaps LaPlace’s most distinguishing feature is the Port of South Louisiana, which is headquartered in the CDP. This port spans much of the Mississippi, but its significance to LaPlace residents cannot be overstated. As a hub for commercial traffic that travels along the river, LaPlace enjoys the economic benefits of this aspect of the transportation industry. Moreover, the Port of South Louisiana is a major employer for inhabitants of the area. In the same vein of transportation, LaPlace is conveniently situated near several interstates, which bring overland traffic through the area, further stimulating the local economy.

Apart from transportation, LaPlace’s economy is still heavily reliant on the industry which prompted the area’s settlement: agriculture. Although most residents are no longer solitary farmers, agriculturally focused processing plants and general manufacturing centers provide many jobs in the area. Manufacturing, as a generic industry, is one of the major economic powerhouses for LaPlace. In addition to agricultural manufacturing, there are also businesses that focus on steel and chemical manufacturing. As with much of southeastern Louisiana, the petrochemical industry is intrinsic to the economic success of LaPlace. The nearby Shell Chemical Company plant not only brings capital into the area, but is also one of the CDP’s largest employers.

The economy of LaPlace is not entirely based in manufacturing and transportation, however; many local residents are also involved in the education industry. Indeed, educational services is currently ranked as one of the biggest employers of LaPlace’s workforce. Other major sectors of the local economy include wholesale retail, real estate and entertainment. The economy of LaPlace is heavily grounded in the presence of the Port of South Louisiana and numerous manufacturing plants, but it is clear that it is not so focused on these industries that it is not diverse enough to accommodate a number of options for the local workforce.

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