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Luling, Louisiana

The Census Designated Place (CDP) of Luling is situated near the Mississippi River in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana. With a population of just over twelve thousand individuals, Luling is frequently overshadowed by nearby metropolitan centers. Despite its small size, the industries of this CDP reflect the economic issues and obstacles that many small communities in Louisiana currently face.

The area that would become Luling was settled in the early part of the 19th century by French and German expatriates. Most of the area’s first inhabitants were engaged in agricultural activities, but as the region became more populous, river transportation and trade became more significant. Although farming has seriously declined as an industry in Luling, the importance of the Mississippi River and other waterways has not. The presence of river traffic throughout the 19th and 20th centuries allowed Luling to industrialize with relative ease.

Statistically speaking, Luling surpasses much of the rest of Louisiana. The percentage of high school graduates in the area is substantially higher than elsewhere in the state; the population has not experienced a major decline; and unemployment levels were 1% lower than the state average. Percentages notwithstanding, the economy of Luling is grounded in several key industries and, most likely due to the CDP’s small population, has yet to diversify and expand. The most prominent industries are manufacturing and general labor production, including chemical refinement and nuclear power. The professional sector in Luling holds much less weight in the local economy than in the rest of Louisiana, and is largely related to primary education. Efforts have been made in recent years to promote hunting and fishing as recreation options in the area, but these activities do little to reign in outside capital. That being said, Luling’s economy has maintained a steady course in the last several decades.

On the whole, Luling has a relatively self-sufficient economic system that has not expanded far beyond manufacturing; however, it is by no means a weak economy, and the local industries offer a number of employment opportunities to residents.

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