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Louisiana Workers Compensation State Office and Louisiana Workers Compensation Court serving the following Parishes: East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, Iberville, Pointe Coupee, West Feliciana, West Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge, while not as populous or nationally visible as New Orleans, enjoys a diverse economy that may be attributed to its geography, infrastructure, and the presence of several key industries that have paved the way for an influx of capital and jobs into the metropolitan area.

Founded on the banks of the Mississippi River in the seventeenth century, Baton Rouge is the capitol of Louisiana and the second biggest metro area in the state, in terms of population. Similar to New Orleans, it has benefited from its status as a major port, the ninth largest in the United States. Consequently, the city’s economy is bolstered by the constant presence of ship traffic on the Mississippi. As Baton Rouge is not only a major port, but considered to be the final inland port on this river for large ships (thanks to a strategically placed bridge across the Mississippi that inhibits further passage), it receives and distributes many of the goods that are brought in from the Gulf of Mexico.

Apart from this aspect of trade and transportation, much of Baton Rouge’s economy is dependent upon the oil and chemical industry, and the professional and research sector. The success of these two realms of the city’s industry are intrinsically tied to several visible companies that are entrenched in the metro area. Regarding the oil industry, Exxon-Mobil maintains one of the nation’s largest refineries in the Baton Rouge area, which provides large amounts of revenue, not to mention jobs. In terms of the professional and research sphere, Louisiana State University (LSU) is not only the flagship public university for the state, but employs a great number of Louisiana professionals, backs a successful athletics program, and operates many research facilities (including prominent hospitals). LSU is the backbone of Baton Rouge’s professional sector, and is an integral factor in the area’s economic success. Another significant, and prosperous, company in the area is the Shaw Group; this company’s work in major construction projects, many of them under contract with the State of Louisiana, ensures the employment of many construction workers in Baton Rouge.

Ultimately, the majority of Baton Rouge’s economy is tied up in oil, general labor, river transportation and the university system. This focus has helped the city to fare better than many metropolitan centers in the wake of the recession, and highlights a relatively stable economic atmosphere, both regarding the job market and industrial profits.

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