New Orleans East Car Accident Hotspots

New Orleans East Car Accident Heatmap. Accident Hotspots include: 1. Downman Rd & Dwyer 2. Downman Rd & Chef Menteur Highway (US 90) 3. I-10 Service Rd & Morrison Rd 4. Lakeshore Dr Near South Shore Harbor Marina 5. Haynes Blvd Near Lakeshore Dr New South Shore Harbor Marina 6. Wilson Dr. & Chef Highway 7. All along Chef Highway from Downman to Bundy Rd. 8. Crowder & I-10 9. Crowder & Lake Forest Blvd 10. Read Blvd & I-10 11. Read Blvd & Lake Forest Blvd 12. Bullard & I-10 13. Little Woods & I-10 14. Michaud at Chef Highway 15. Michaud at Versailles

New Orleans East Car Accidents 2020

New Orleans East is bounded by the Industrial Canal, Intracoastal Waterway, and Lake Pontchartrain. The East has recovered significantly since Hurricane Katrina. Many family-owned retail shops have opened at I-10 and Bullard. The neighborhood now has a Big Lots and Wal-Mart, CVS Pharmacy, Daughters of Charity Health Center, New Orleans East Hospital, and new public school buildings. Dixie Beer has relocated to the East. There is even discussion of reopening Lincoln Park.

New Orleans East Hospital Treats Those injured in Car Accidents in New Orleans East

New Orleans East Hospital

In addition to new retail establishments, New Orleans East has its fair share of car accidents. Accident Hotspots include:

  •  Downman Rd & Dwyer
  • Downman Rd & Chef Menteur Highway (US 90)
  • I-10 Service Rd & Morrison Rd
  • Lakeshore Dr Near South Shore Harbor Marina
  • Haynes Blvd Near Lakeshore Dr New South Shore Harbor Marina
  • Wilson Dr. & Chef Highway
  • All along Chef Highway from Downman to Bundy Rd.
  • Crowder & I-10
  • Crowder & Lake Forest Blvd
  • Read Blvd & I-10
  • Read Blvd & Lake Forest Blvd
  • Bullard & I-10
  • Little Woods & I-10
  • Michaud at Chef Highway
  • Michaud at Versailles

New Orleans East Salvage Yards Located Almonaster & Old Gentilly Road Is Where Many New Orleans Totaled Cars Are Brought After A Total Loss Accident

Salvage Yard New Orleans East

Many cars that are in serious car accidents are totaled after the accident because the cost of repair exceeds seventy-five percent of the value of the car.  Lots and lots of those cars and trucks wind up in New Orleans East Salvage Yards and Auto Auctions.  These businesses thrive on Almonaster Avenue and Old Gentilly Road in New Orleans East.  Many car accident victims involved in car accidents are injured and seek treatment at hospitals like New Orleans East Hospital.

New Orleans Laws to Prevent Car Accidents

To try to minimize the number of car accidents in New Orleans East and throughout the City of New Orleans, the City Council long ago adopted certain New Orleans Ordinances known as the Rule of the Road for driving. The Ordinances are modeled on Louisiana law. Violation of the Rules may result in a ticket issued by the New Orleans Police Department. These Rules include:

Sec. 154-371. – Driving on right side of roadway; exceptions.

Sec. 154-372. – Passing vehicles proceeding in opposite directions.

Sec. 154-373. – Passing a vehicle on the left.

Sec. 154-374. – When passing on the right is permitted.

Sec. 154-375. – Limitations on overtaking on the left on a two-way roadway.

Sec. 154-376. – Further limitations on passing on the left.

Sec. 154-377. – No-passing zones.

Sec. 154-378. – Driving on roadways laned for traffic.

Sec. 154-379. – Driving in parking lane not permitted.

Sec. 154-380. – Driving on divided streets.

Sec. 154-381. – Operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Sec. 154-382. – Reckless operation of a vehicle.

Sec. 154-383. – Careless operation of a vehicle.

Sec. 154-384. – Hit and run driving.

Sec. 154-385. – Reporting accidents.

Sec. 154-386. – Mandatory movement of vehicles.

Sec. 154-387. – Driving on curbs or on neutral grounds prohibited.

Sec. 154-388. – Off road operation.

Sec. 154-389. – Driving on streetcar tracks.

Sec. 154-390. – Following authorized emergency vehicle.

Sec. 154-391. – Crossing fire hose prohibited.

Sec. 154-392. – Drivers in a procession.

Sec. 154-393. – Funeral procession to be identified.

Sec. 154-394. – Driving through funeral or other procession.

Sec. 154-395. – Restricted access.
Sec. 154-396. – Objects projecting from rear; red flag or light.

Sec. 154-397. – Opening and closing vehicle doors.

Sec. 154-398. – Unattended or disabled motor vehicle.

Sec. 154-399. – Obstruction to driver’s view or driving mechanism.

Sec. 154-400. – Drivers to use reasonable vigilance.

Sec. 154-401. – Following too closely.

Sec. 154-402. – Spillage of dirt, garbage, trash, etc.

Sec. 154-403. – Reserved.

Sec. 154-404. – Operation on flooded streets.

Sec. 154-405. – Motor vehicles operating in bicycle lanes.

Sec. 154-406. – Limitations on passing bicycles.

Sec. 154-407. – Harassment of bicyclists prohibited.

Secs. 154-408—154-435. – Reserved

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