Workers Compensation

Louisiana Job Injury Overview

Job injury compensation systems are designed to compensate injured employees for their work related injuries. Some schemes, like the Jones Act and Federal Employer's Liability Act require the injured worker to prove employer negligence. Others, like the Louisiana Workers' Compensation Act, Longshore Harbor Workers' Compensation Act and Defense Base Act do not require proof of employer negligence. Generally, the employer is responsible for payment under these systems. The amount of compensation and duration of benefits depends upon the system. What system an injured employee falls under depends on the type of work being performed, the location of the work and other factors.

In some instances, the injured worker may find that a party other than the employer (a third party) is responsible for his or her injury. In this situation, a second claim can be brought against the third party.

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Louisiana Workers Compensation
Defense Base Act
Longshore & Harbor Workers Compensation Act
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