Is Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corporation Your Employer’s Insurer? Injured Workers May Find Their Employers Insurer Online Now.

Often an injured worker is forced to ask his or her employer for the name of its workers’ compensation insurer after a work-related injury. The employer might try to encourage the injured worker to use his or her health insurance.

However, in Louisiana, health insurance usually does is not provide primary health insurance coverage for a work-related injury unless the employer and its insurer deny that the employee’s injury is compensable under the Louisiana Workers Compensation Act.

Unfortunately, many employers are unwilling to report a work-related injury to their workers’ compensation insurer or provide the injured employee with the name of the insurer.

In the past, If you were trying to find the name of your employer’s insurer so that you can report the claim to them and see if the claim is compensable, you had to call the individual insurers like Louisiana Workers Compensation Corporation (“LWCC”), LUBA, CNA, Travelers, Chartis or other workers compensation insurer.

Now injured workers can discover their employer’s Louisiana Workers Compensation Act insurer online through If that doesn’t work, look for “COVERAGE VERIFICATION” on the Louisiana Workforce Commissioner home page at

If you need help with your job injury matter, contact a Louisiana Workers Compensation Lawyer.

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